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Our Team

A Team of Teams!

Our secret is, no secret, in the way we're organized and the people in the organization!

Okay, so the wide image of a bunch of geeks above was AI generated and it's amazing how some of the people in it have an uncanny resemblance to the real people! Many wear nerdy glasses, but not so many as that image suggests!

We're all very serious about our work, but you would be mistaken if you thought we didn't have a sense of humor. The latter should be abundantly evident in the revelations below...

Structured Like The Mafia!!

Despite being a cooperative, we DO implement a hierarchy. We couldn't function without one, BUT at some point early on one of our gang saw the Netflix series Generation Kill about the 2003 war in Irak and loved the way the Marines referred to their commanding officer as Godfather like in the Mafia!

From that point on, the leader of all teams collectively is known internally as Godfather, and we have capos (team leaders) and soldiers (everybody else)! All tongue in cheek, of course, and everybody loves it -- we mean no disrespect!

Home is the Office

We're a completely virtual office. Most work from home while some produce their best code whilst in a co-working cafe.

Let's just say that the pandemic pretty much eliminated any plan for maintaining a physical HQ. Less expenditures equals more proft sharing, so nobody is missing commuting to an office!

Our teams are very disciplined and constantly connected to our central system through our propietary software. The results are oustanding!

Always On Top Of The Game

Technology changes constantly and everybody at the cooperative is continuously upgrading not only their software tools but also their knowledge.

To help them along, our central command provides a weekly list of relevant videos and professional ebooks at no cost to them.

Furthermore, we'll often organize and pay for courses, seminars and testing for teams.

Retention is the Key

We hire the top people but we put even more effort into retaining them. A high turnover rate isn't just bad for business, it hurts a company's reputation with their clients as replacing someone can have a direct impact on their projects.

The art of retention is keeping our people happy. In addition to tiered pay levels and profit sharing, we offer them team performance cash bonuses and prizes.

Each team and each individual in a team has many strong incentives to perform as well as to carry their work to a customer-pleasing conclusion! It's not surprising that our annual turnover rate is less than 5%!

It's not enough to tell you about our teams -- you have to experience them to fully appreciate the difference! Contact us now for a 100% free consultation and you'll never have to look back!

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