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Our Rates

Our rate structure is based on tiers. All tiers provide great value, and you get a few extras in the upper tiers. You are not limited to a single tier.

All rates are in US dollars


$30 / hour

Budget Minded

When money is more important than time

During business hours
Any type of work
Min. 2+ years experience
Email support


$45 / hour

Great for Business

Worry free service

Priority Extended hours
Any type of work
Min. 5+ years experience
Email support


$60 / hour

The Best for the Best!

Premium service

Top Priority 24/7
Free AI images*
Any type of work
Min. 10+ years experience
Email & phone support
Emergency Services

Always Included

Monthly by the minute charged time usage reports
Easy dispute process
AI (code & text generated by us using our AI tools)

* Gold tier: Free AI generated images: Limits apply. Please enquire.

Ready to roll? Anything else that you want to know about our services or rates, contact us and we'll have all the answers you need!

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